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Rubber Foaming Material series

EPDM rubber foaming products have excellent seasonal enduring capabilities. EPDM has been popularly used as the leading heat preservation material in the Chinese market instead of other traditional heat preservation materials. EPDM foam can be used in both the lower environmental requirement industries like architecture and the cooling industry, etc; and the higher environmental requirement industries like the medicine industry and hospitals, etc. EPDM has high seasonal and heat endurance capabilities. It can be used in outdoor environments with large temperature differences from -40°C to +150°C like air-conditioner systems for automobiles.

CR neoprene rubber is an all-purpose special material. It not only has the capabilities of normal rubber, but also has good capabilities of seasonal durability, fire resistance, oil and chemical endurance, and good features of shock proofing, shock absorption, acid and alkali durability, etc. It has outstanding character among the synthetic rubbers, and can be used in appliances, automobiles, packing, watercraft industries, etc.




Pulling Intensity

Rupture Protraction Rate

Heat Conductivity Rate

Oxygen figure

Suitable Temperatures
(g/cub.cm) (N) (Kpa) (%) (w/m.k) (%) (°C)
NBR 0.04-0.095 2-10 >400 >150 <0.045 >28 <105
EPDM 0.10-0.15 5-20 >400 >120 <0.045 >26 <140
NR 0.10-0.12 20-30 >1200 >180 ... ... <90
CR 0.15-0.25 15-25 >500 >150 ... >28 <105


CR sealing/shockproof mat series1 for Electronics CR sealing/shockproof mat series2 for Electronics CR heat preservation series CR heat preservation/ sound insulation mat series for Automobiles
EPDM sound insulation/heat preservation mat series1 for Automobiles EPDM sound insulation/heat preservation mat series2 for Automobiles EPDM shockproof/ heat preservation mat series1 EPDM shockproof/ heat preservation mat series2







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