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EPE Polyethylene Foaming Material

EPE is a new type of environmentally-safe foaming material for strong cushioning, shock proofing capabilities. It is flexible and light with great elasticity. It has good cushioning capabilities by absorbing and spreading the impact from outside while bending itself. It has avoided the weaknesses of traditional rubber foams like easily braking, distortion and bad rebounding features.

EPE foam products have good capabilities such as heat preservation, moisture proofing, heat and sound insulation, anti-friction, anti-aging, rot durability, etc.

The pink EPE foam products have distinct anti-static capabilities after being mixed with static solvent.

EPE is an environmentally-safe foaming material that can be recycled. It can be used in many fields like packing, architecture, electrical engineering, etc. Because EPE has good cushioning and shock proofing capabilities, it can be widely used in furniture, appliances, instruments, handicrafts, gift wares, wood wares, glass, porcelain, architecture waterproof linings, carpet under-layers, sound insulation, travel cases, heat preservation for pipes, etc.

Anti-pulling Intensity: 3.4 kg/sq.cm
Breaking Intensity: 2.6 kg/sq.cm
Extension Rate: (70°C) 125%
Contraction Rate: 0.75%
Suitable Temperatures: -60°C to +80°C
EPE protector series1

Capability of Anti-Static EPE
Static is caused from friction between the plastic numerators while not being transmitted. After the anti-static processing, the surface resistance of EPE material can be reduced from 1014-1016 (omega) to 108-1010 (omega). The normal anti-static rate is 109-1011 (omega).

Light and strong;
good flexible and cushioning capabilities;
stable after continuous impact;
low heat conductivity rate and good heat insulation;
single foamy material, non-water-absorbing;
foamy and waterproof - strong buoyancy;
excellent seasonal durability;
good shock proofing and sound insulation;
easy mold processing;
minimum foam, smooth surface, and easily colored.
EPE anti-static packing inner lining1

EPE packing inner lining series1 EPE packing inner lining series2 EPE protector series2 EPE anti-static packing inner lining2


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